Bariatric Surgery leads to long-term problems

by Nithya 2010-11-11 20:19:01

What was once thought of as a viable and safe surgery is now showing problems that can happen years after having the procedure.

Since the 1990's, about 220,000 American have had this surgery that makes the stomach smaller and makes food bypass part of your small intestine. It makes people feel full after eating less and less food.

Now some health problems are showing up in patients that have had the procedure. Patients that return for a yearly checkup are displaying certain characteristics.

12 percent of the patients show a major deficiency in copper.

Others show small neurological issues like walking slower or having numbness in parts of the body.

If these problems are detected early they can be treated, but with more and more people opting for this surgery, doctors are quickly studying results and making recommendations.

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