India to be warmer by 2030: Report

by bharathi 2010-11-17 16:47:45

India's key sectors like water, forest, health and agriculture will be affected in a major way due to the increase in net temperature by 1.7- 2.2 degree celsius in another 20 years in the four climate hotspots.

The "Climate Change and India: a 4x4 assessment" report, which was released today providing an assessment of impact of climate change in 2030, also predicts an increase in precipitation (rain, snow and storm) in the eco-fragile areas of the Himalayas, North-east, Western Ghats and the coastal region.

Prepared by India's Network for Climate Change Assessment (INCCA), the report says, "The net increase in annual temperatures in 2030 with respect to 1970s would range between 1.7 degree Celsius to 2.2 degree Celsius with extreme temperature increasing by 1 to 40 degree Celsius with maximum increase in coastal regions."

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