Bharti Airtel sports new logo 2010

by bharathi 2010-11-19 09:33:18

Bharti Airtel sports new logo 2010

Bharti Airtel on Thursday unveiled its new brand identity and announced that its 3G services will be launched by the end of next month. India's leading mobile operator also said it has crossed the 20-crore subscriber mark from its operations in 19 countries in Africa and Asia.

“Fifteen years ago, Bharti Airtel started its journey in India with a promise of delivering world-class and affordable services. Today, as we expand on the global stage, this new brand identity gives us the opportunity to present a single, powerful and unified face to our customers, stakeholders and partners around the world,” said Bharti Airtel Chairman and Managing Director Sunil Mittal while unveiling the new logo. Bharti Airtel sports new logo 2010

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