World Toilet Day – Spread The Message Of Sanitation

by bharathi 2010-11-19 18:41:07

November 19th is celebrated as the World Toilet Day to raise awareness on the use of toilet, sanitation and clean water. Every day 4000 children across the world die due to diarrhea, which is caused due to poor sanitation and dirty water.

World Toilet Day was stared by World Toilet Organisation in 2005. It is a 53 country organisation and aims at toilet training and sanitation. The world health organisation has also pointed out that most of the sewage from toilets are flowed into rivers and lakes without being treated which leads to occurrence of epidemics and mass death. On World Toilet Day we cannot avoid the the cholera epidemic which has killed many Earthquake victims at Haiti. The epidemic was the result of lack of toilet facility for people living in camps.

A major population across the world squat in the fields due to lack of toilets but even people who have the facility of toilet believe in defecating on roads which not only spreads diseases but also speaks of the living culture and standard of the society. It can be embarrassing for the reputation of the country in itself. On World Toilet Day let's understand the importance of the need of toilet. Defecating in the open can lead to -

1.Spread Diseases – The germs tend to get mixed up with air and can travel a long distance. People living near the area can be infected with major illness. Diarrhoea and other stomach borne diseases can be caused. Lack of clean water can lead to many serious illnesses like typhoid, malaria etc.

2.Contaminate the soil – People who defecate in the fields should be aware of the fact that the germs seep in the soil and make it contaminated. This contamination does not remain in that area alone. It is carried on and can lead to contaminate a large area of the land a part of which can also be the land of cultivation.

3.Contamination Of Water – River and sea water gets contaminated when sewage water is poured into it. It effects the aquatic life. The water often carries the germs to other water bodies as well thus spreading the germs. The fishes and other sea food which we consume may as well be infected with it.

Thus, on World Toilet Day, spread the awareness of proper toilet use, clean water and sanitation. It is our environment and our responsibility to make it a better and safe place to live in.

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