Guru Peyarchi Ashwini Nakshatra Predictions

by bharathi 2010-11-22 10:01:03

Guru Peyarchi (Jupiter transit) takes place on 21st of November 2010, Sunday at 23.11 IST from Aquarius (Kumbha rasi) to Pisces (Meena rasi) according to Vakya panchang. Moon is in Krittika nakshatra, Vrishabha rasi (taurus) and the tithi is Poornima (Full moon). Jupiter remains in Meena rasi for a period of five and half months after which it transit to Mesha rasi on 8th May 2011. This transit will influence lives of everyone. The degree and type of influence depends on the birth chart (horoscope, Kundali) of the individual depending on his birth time, date and place of birth. To know the exact personal predictions, please visit,affordable contributions. Here, we list the general predictions for an individual born in Ashwini Nakshatra.

Those born in Ashwini nakshatra have Mesha Rashi and here are the predictions of Guru Peyarchi:

Jupiter (Guru) is transiting in 12th from sign for Aries (mesha rasi) . You can expect clearance of outstanding dues, sound sleep and also you will be able to make some savings. You will learn to come out of day to day tensions. You are able to grab some peaceful moments, this way. This period comes as a boon for those recovering from diseases and problems. When guru is combust, you will experience losses in investments, rifts with children and disappointments. Hence, caution is required during the combustion period. The education of children causes deflation of savings. Health is quite good. For students, it is a good period, as they get good co-operation from their teachers. Service problems, if any, is resolved in your favour. There is good development in hobbies. But, you should take care about the company you are in, there is a possibility of over indulgence to escape reality. You are having lot of religious mentality. You can expect small inheritance also. You tend to be busy, but not knowing purpose of it!

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