How to make a list of tracking cookies to block

by sabitha 2010-11-22 15:23:03

1) Use your spyware scanner to help build the list

After doing a scan, copy the names of the cookies that were marked as threats.

Some cookies have misleading names that make it hard to tell what site to block. You can often find the website name by opening the cookie file in Notepad. Alternatively, a web search on the cookie name can turn up information posted about it by other people.

In a few cases, I either guessed or blocked all the variations that seemed reasonable: .com, .net, etc.

2) Enter the website names in your browser's cookie manager dialog box

Browser Cookie manager location
Internet Explorer Tools > Internet Options > Privacy > Sites
Firefox Tools > Options > Privacy > Exceptions

Click the "Block" button after entering each one. It would be helpful if there were a more automated way to do this, or to import a list, but there isn't.

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