Step-by-step site repair

by sabitha 2010-11-22 16:39:16

* Hopefullly, this detailed step-by-step procedure will help focus on the tasks and avoid panic.
* The concepts apply to any server even though only Linux, Apache, and cPanel methods are described.
* The steps are in order of priority if the evidence you've found so far hasn't already given you a clear idea what things to focus on first.

The reason these procedures are described in so much detail is so that people who have never done them don't have to go hunting around the web for specifics. If you already know the specifics, you'll see that the steps are much less complicated than they look at first glance, and you can skip the long explanations.

If you just start at step 1, focus, and dive in, what you learn now will help you manage your site with a lot more confidence in the future. These are all useful things to know how to do. You might even wind up feeling like an expert.

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