Thyroid Disease Symptoms

by bharathi 2010-11-24 10:22:38

Thyroid Disease Symptoms

The signs and symptoms of hypothyroidism vary widely and some of the complaints experienced by individuals with hypothyroidism include:

* fatigue,
* mental fogginess and forgetfulness,
* feeling excessively cold,
* constipation,
* dry skin,
* fluid retention,
* non specific aches and stiffness in muscles and joints,
* excessive or prolonged menstrual bleeding (menorrhagia), and
* depression.

Hyperthyroidism is suggested by a number of signs and symptoms. People with mild hyperthyroidism or those older than 70 years of age usually experience no symptoms. In general, the symptoms become more obvious as the condition worsens. Common symptoms of hyperthyroidism include:

* excessive sweating,
* heat intolerance,
* increased bowel movements,
* tremor (usually a fine shake),
* nervousness; agitation,
* rapid heart rate,
* weight loss,
* fatigue,
* decreased concentration, and
* irregular and scant menstrual flow.

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