Top 15 Rajnikanth jokes

by bharathi 2010-11-24 10:55:12

Top 15 Rajnikanth jokes

1 Rajinikanth doesn’t wear a watch. He decides what time it is.
2 Rajinikanth has already been to Mars, that’s why there are no signs of life there
3 Rajinikanth killed the dead sea.
4 If you spell ‘Rajanikant’ wrong on Google it doesn’t say, “Did you mean Rajinikanth?” It simply replies, “Run while you still have the chance.”
5 Rajinikanth can play the violin with a piano
6 Rajnikanth once wrote a cheque, the bank bounced!
7 Micheal Jordan to Rajini: I can spin a ball on my finger for over two hours. Can you?
Rajni: Rascala; how do you think the earth spins!?
8 Rajinikanth once ordered a plate of idli in McDonald’s, and got it.
9 If Rajnikant was born 100 years earlier, British would have fought to get independence from India.
10 When Rajnikant logs on to, facebook updates its status message!
11 Rajni once killed 20 men just by saying “BANG”
12 Rajinikanth knows Victoria’s secret.
13 Rajinikanth can divide by zero.
14 Rajinikanth has counted to infinity, twice.
15 When Rajinikanth gives you the finger, he’s telling you how many seconds you have left to live.

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