Takita Takita celebrates platinum disc

by Nithya 2010-11-27 13:44:32

The unit of actress-producer Bhumika's latest flick Takita Takita, directed by Srihari Nanu and produced under the banner of Downtown Films, has celebrated its platinum disc function at Hotel Dasapalla, Vizag.

The event was attended by Bhumika, Bharath Thakur, Sri Hari Nanu, Bhaskarbatla Ravi Kumar, Senthil Kumar, Harsha, Bekkam Venugopal and others.

Music proved to be the lifeline of our film. Bobo Sasi came out with excellent tunes, which enthralled a cross section of the audiences. I am happy to be receiving this platinum disc, the director said.

Cinematographer Senthil said, This film is like a journey. I personally find that the theatres are gradually getting packed with youthful audiences. The major plus point of this film is that it has fresh faces.

Bobo Sasi's music is really superb. I hope the film becomes a classic in the course of time and even sets a trend in the industry.

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