MySQL Workbench or Query Browser

by sabitha 2010-11-30 16:00:49

MySQL Workbench or Query Browser

The most recent version of the old MySQL Query Browser is a module of MySQL Workbench. The user interfaces of the old and new versions are considerably different, but they both can help build your SQL commands, and they show table data or query results in a horizontally and vertically scrollable table. You can add or edit and save table records interactively, and can do the same in queries that are "updatable" (editable).

The old name of the program, "Query Browser", was an interesting play on words. Although it does allow you to "browse your queries", probably the most common interpretation, it can also be considered a browser, a client program like a web browser, but customized for entering queries (rather than web addresses) and for graphical table display of the data returned.

The Workbench Query Browser is especially good for result sets that contain thousands of rows (easy vertical scrolling) and for results sets with columns wider than the screen (easy horizontal scrolling).

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