Disadvantages of converting navbars to plain HTML

by sabitha 2010-11-30 16:29:43

Disadvantages of converting navbars to plain HTML

1. Currently, whenever you add or delete site pages or rearrange the Navigation structure, FrontPage automatically recalculates every affected navbar, based on its individual properties. It adds or deletes links as needed. If new button images are required, it automatically creates them in the correct size using your theme's font and colors. You might have found these to be very convenient features, and you will lose all of them. Nothing will be automated anymore. If you want a link or button added to or deleted from your navbars, you must do it manually in the HTML source code. If you want a new button, you have to create it yourself (except there's a workaround for that at the end of this article).

2. As a result, to create and work with your replacement navbars, you will need to get some practice working with HTML in Code View, until you are comfortable with it. The walkthrough below will help understand what an HTML navbar consists of.

3. If you want to store your navbars in their own files and include them into the pages where they're needed, you'll additionally need to learn how to use FrontPage Included Content webbots or, better, another type of include method such as PHP, ASP, or (only as a last resort) Apache SSI.

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