Identify all the pages where you use webbot navbars

by sabitha 2010-11-30 18:19:01

Identify all the pages where you use webbot navbars

a) On individual pages where you have created custom link bars.

These will be relatively straightforward to convert, using the procedure in Section 3) below. If you have any of these, do them first so you become familiar with the procedure and with the HTML code.

b) In "included content" files such as top, bottom, left, and right borders.

The conversion procedure for these is more complicated. The reason is that navigation webbots refer to the site's Navigation structure to determine which pages are global, which pages are siblings of each other, and which pages are children of other pages.

When the webbot is in an include file, none of that information is applicable to the include file itself because it doesn't participate in the site's navigation structure. Therefore, when the include file is saved, no HTML navbar code is generated, and there is no code to copy as described in the steps of Section 3) below.

When a page that "includes the included file" is saved, the navigation webbots do generate and insert HTML navbar code, but the code generated is specifically calculated based on that page's place in the Navigation structure. If you use an include file to include the same webbot (for our example, we'll assume it is an s-type="children" webbot) into 1000 different pages, you will wind up with 1000 different navbars, a different one on every page, because every page has different children.

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