kollywood top ten actress

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kollywood top ten actress

The lady with the Midas touch, at least for the moment. The last couple of years have been a dream run for this actress. She has done movies opposite almost all the leading young heroes of the industry, she has landed hit after hit, climbed up the popularity charts and is currently setting the trends for others to follow.

VTV seems to have given her a fresh start. Not that she was doing too badly before VTV happened. But, there is definitely a change in perception since the Gautham Menon movie happened

She was the hit maiden of Kollywood for almost three years on the trot. It was as if she couldn’t put a foot wrong with films like Ghajini, Pokkiri and the huge Dasavatharam. But, Bollywood beckoned and she had to take a break from Tamil.

she has never had any dearth of big projects. Who gets the chance of starring in three consecutive Superstar films, however small the role may be? But, the problem that she faced during certain junctures was that most of her big projects seemed to be turning turtle at the box office.

Sivaji was the crescendo, and nothing has come close to it as yet. Right from the Superstar to his son-in-law, she has worked with the entire spectrum of stars in the industry, save a few. But, the last couple of years have left her starved for genuine hits, in spite of having worked with quite a few big banners and stars.

She was so busy in Telugu that she hardly could find any time for Tamil. But, the success of Arundhathee did the trick. Kollywood wooed this actress who had proved her worth and thus Vettaikaran happened.

The National Award winning actress has been sauntering through a bevy of flicks, but is still in search of a role that will let her live up to the promise created by Muthalagu. She might not be having the biggest of projects or hits, but is definitely one of the busiest going around at this point of time.

We have not seen her much since the bubbly Hasini of Santhosh Subramaniam graced screens nearly two years back. Hindi and Telugu have kept her busy with quite a few good projects. But, she has done well enough during her time down south to remain in the minds of audiences and directors.

After quite a few years in Bollywood, this lady finally made her debut in Tamil as the classy Meghna in Vaaranam Aayiram. She seems to have leapfrogged directly into the big league, considering the stars that she has been paired up with in her first two movies. It is not very common for an actress to make her debut opposite Suriya and then follow it up with one opposite Ajith.

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