Vaikunta Ekadashi 2010

by Geethalakshmi 2010-12-17 12:15:22

Vaikunta Ekadashi 2010

Today is Vaikunta Ekadasi 2010 (December 17th). Ekadasi is an auspicious day dedicated to Lord Vishnu.This festival is celebrated with lot of gusto in Tirumala Tirupati Sri Venkateshwara Devasthanam, Sri Rangam Ranganatha Swamy temple, Bhadrachalam Sri Rama Devasthanam, and many more Vishnu temples in South India. Vaikunt Ekadasi is also observed as Mukkoti Ekadasi.

Things to do on Ekadasi Day

* Full Fasting on the day – if you have any health problems or other issues then take a partial fasting.
* In partial fasting avoid pulses and grains including rice – you can have vegetables, milk, nuts and fruits.
* Visit nearby Vishnu or Krishna temple and witness pujas and rituals in the morning and evening.
* Chant Vishnu prayers like Om Namo Narayana, Vishnu Sahasranamam or Vishnu Ashotharam

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