Srirangam Temple Mukkoti Ekadashi

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Srirangam Temple Mukkoti Ekadashi

Srirangam is famous for its Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple, a major pilgrimage destination for Hindus especially Vaishnavites and one of the largest temple complexes in India.

According to the temple’s website, Srirangam can be considered the biggest functioning Hindu temple in the world as it covers an area of about 6,31,000 m². 156 Acres with a perimeter of 4 km 10,710 ft. Srirangam claims to be the biggest functioning temple, because Angkor Wat is the biggest but non-functioning Hindu temple in the world.

The Srirangam temple complex is composed of 7 concentric walled sections and 21 gopurams.The gopuram of the temple is called the Rajagopuram and is 236 feet 72 m tall, the tallest in Asia.

Myth has it that the coast of Sri Lanka can be seen from the top of the gopuram. The temple is constituted by seven prakaras elevated enclosures with gopurams articulating the axial path, the highest at the outermost prakara and the lowest at the innermost.

The most important festival celebrated for full twenty one days during Tamil month Margazhi (December-January), is divided to two ten days as pagal pathu and ra pathu, with all pomp and pageantry. On Mukkoti Ekadesi (Vaikunda Ekadesi) day, Lord Ranganatha, attired in splendid garment, proceeds in a magnificient procession through Paramapada Vasal, arrives at Thirumamani Mandapam in the Thousand in a pillared hall to the thrill and joy of the devotees gathered in lakhs who have come from all over India and abroad. This occasion is the peak point of all festivals conducted in the Temple, on this day of days; Sri Ranganatha becomes a virtual king and is known as Sri Rangaraja.

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