Valentine Week Days Lists

by Geethalakshmi 2011-02-02 14:42:16

Valentine Week Days Lists

Valentine Week Day 1: Rose Day

Kick start the valentine week 2010 on 7th Feb which is celebrated as a rose day. The best gifts for this day of valentine week are certainly flowers. For couples neck deep in love nothing can substitute blood red roses but if you are looking for a harmonious relationship with your friend this rose day then present her with a bouquet of white roses. Yellow is the color of friendship while pink roses hold a promise of pending romance.

Valentine Week Day 2: Propose Day

Next comes the Propose Day on 8th Feb where couples waiting to take the next step in their relationship should gift their sweethearts with commitments rings over a romantic dinner complete with a bottle of champagne and fresh strawberries

Valentine Week Day 3: Chocolate Day

Chocolates surely increases the sweetness in any relationship and what better way to sweeten your bond by presenting your loved ones with their favorite chocolate boxes on 9th Feb which is celebrated as Chocolate Day

Valentine Week Day 4: Teddy Day

If diamonds are girl’s best friend then teddy bears are their comforting companions. Though they can’t be your replacement but would at least give you partner something to cuddle when you are away. So celebrate Teddy day on 10th Feb by presenting each other with a cuddly soft toy

Valentine Week Day 5: Promise Day

Promises are made to be kept, so if you want to renew your oath or promise your ladylove the moon nothing can be the better day then the promise day celebrated on 11 Feb of Valentine week

Valentine Week Day 6: Kiss Day

You can kiss and make up or seal your love with a lip lock on the Kiss Day falling on 12th Feb on Valentine week 2011

Valentine Week Day 7: Hug Day

Hug can act as a cure all and could surely be the best prelude to the Valentines Day falling on 14th. So envelope your partner in a bear hug on Hug Day that falls on Feb 13th.

Valentine’s Day:

Now comes the D Day which requires lots of creativity, amazing amount of love and care to see your partner bask in the beauty of your love. Yes it is the Feb 14 Valentines Day. Complete your valentine week list and start valentine week 2011 preparation today.

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