Topsy Launches Video Search

by sithurajkumar 2011-03-16 10:08:01

Topsy Launches Real Time Video Search

Topsy, twitter search engine recently enhanced it's search by launching a new search engine that lists real time videos that are being shared on Twitter. This announcement was made by the company via its Twitter account.

The new video search functions similarly to Topsy’s other search tools such as web (links), tweets, experts and photos. Results appear to be ranked based on several factors, including how often, how recent, and who shares the video on Twitter. You can also filter it or sort it using the options in the left column. Those search results are pretty good. I found a few Japan-related videos that I hadn’t seen yet despite having Twitter open all day the past two days.

Topsy is not actually the first real-time video search engine around. TweetMeme continues to offer video search, and OneRiot used to offer it, too. That was before OneRiot shut down its entire search engine and passed its search partners to … Topsy.

But, many of the real-time search engines struggling and even some shutting down altogether (i.e., Collecta, CrowdEye, and others), Topsy may eventually become the default and even the last real-time search engine standing.

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