Tips to remember password

by Manigandan 2011-06-16 19:42:22

Here are some tips:
-> Add meaning to the password
Quoting from the book (Errornomics): "If a hiding spot or password lacks meaning, we will soon forget it."

-> Choose passwords quickly
Hallinan also advises to pick password quickly. If you put in a lot of thought, you’ll end up spending a great deal of time in recalling.

-> Create a bond between the password and the service where it is used
I advise associating the password with the service you are using it for. Example: Your password can be your favourite movie name and it can be made more ‘complex’ by capitalizing the first letter of each word and throwing in a few numbers or special characters. Check out the Mozilla’s video for tips on how to create a strong password.

-> Encounter your password everyday
One very important tip is to base the password on something you ‘see’ or ‘experience’ or ‘use’ everyday. This way, you will constantly be ‘in touch’ with the password. For instance, the password of my son’s first email account was IwontMISS*HW* (I won’t miss home work… the asterisks were my suggestion). Similarly, IPress150+lbs can be a good strong password for someone who loves to work out at the gym. What about, Idrive>60MPH?
You’ll notice that all these have a mix of symbols, digits and uppercase letters – the hallmarks of strong passwords. And since they are all based on actions or things you bump into every day, you’ll constantly be in touch with the password. Thus, build the password around your daily routine. This way even if you don’t use it every time (more on this below), you won’t forget it quickly.
On a similar note, when you make a password, ensure that it contains uppercase, lowercase, digits and symbols; though not all symbols would be allowed on all web sites.
-> Refrain from logging in automatically
I understand the convenience offered by the “Remember Me” (or equivalent) feature that one typically finds below login fields in sign in pages. You may be tempted to employ it, especially if you are the sole user of the computer. However, it will prevent you from recalling (using) the password which can then fade from memory. Also, this option should never be checked on public computers such as those in a library or Internet Cafes.
The ideal way to keep the password fresh in your memory is to type it in every time.

Though simpler passwords are easier to remember, never employ them for important accounts. Check the most common passwords and ensure that yours isn’t one of them.

On a related note, if you are in the habit of changing the password often, make sure you don’t start using simpler login details.

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