Find What Tier Your Keywords Are In

by ponsankari 2011-08-23 11:11:16

An intensive analysis will help you understand how to assign value to each of your keywords.

Keyword(s) search volume


Your organic ranking for that keyword(s)


PPC ranking of that keyword(s)


User's intent with that keyword


That keyword(s) value to your company.

Keyword's search volume can be found using Google's Keyword Tool.

Your organic & PPC ranking of that keyword can be calculated in some variation of the following:

1 = ranking 1
.5 = ranking 5
.1 = ranking 10 and so on.

You can also calculate a user's intent behind that keyword by using a similar numerical system.

1 = looking to buy (long-tail queries)
.5 = researching services
.1 = looking for information

To represent a company's strategy, you can construct a keyword model and find out the areas that increases the benefit of your business:


Advanced Keyword Modeling

Analyze who your customers are.
Analyze how they go about buying your product.
Analyze where they are in the buying funnel.
Prioritize your keyword strategy in terms of PPC (and SEO!) to maximize your ROI.
From here you can analyze where you're weak and where you're strong and continue to adjust.

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