Latest Inventions of Technology

by ponsankari 2011-08-23 17:17:57

Cloud Computing

Analysts predict that by 2014 the latest technology inventions related to cloud computing will significantly influence how we use our computers.

The advantages of cloud computing is that it eliminates the difficulty and expense of maintaining, upgrading and scaling your own computer hardware and software while increasing efficiency, speed and resources.

Your computer's processing speed, memory capacity, software applications and maintenance requirements are minimized.

You could store and access any size or type of file, play games, use or develop applications, render videos, word process, make scientific calculations, or anything you want, by simply using a smart phone.

Microsoft, IBM and Google are some of the companies that are investing heavily into the research and development of cloud technology.


Car Gps Tracking

Car Gps Tracking is fairly common in new vehicles, providing drivers with tracking and navigation.

However, latest technology inventions have made car gps tracking systems more sophisticated, allowing for a wide range of additional uses.

A car gps tracking system that integrates with traffic information would give drivers the ability to select routes in real time that were more fuel efficient, less congested, faster or shorter.


Air Into Water

The watermill invented by Johathan Ritchey converts air into fresh water and it is an atmospheric water generator.

This latest technology invention produces fresh water at a cost of about 3 cents a liter (1 quart). Originally designed for areas that do not have clean drinking water, the Watermill is for households that prefer an eco-friendly, cost effective alternative to bottled water.


Camera Mask

One of the latest technology inventions in underwater photography, "Liguid Image Digital Underwater Camera Mask"is an underwater mask with a built in digital camera. It records photos and videos by pressing a shutter button on the top of the mask.


Photo/video software is included. The maximum operating depth is about 30 meters.

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