Adding a Twitter Share Button Increases 7x More Exposure

by ponsankari 2011-09-05 10:02:35

Websites that display Twitter's Tweet button on their homepage get seven times more social media mentions than sites without the button.


The same report also finds, however, that only half of the web's top 10,000 sites have added a social sharing button from Facebook, Twitter, Google+, or LinkedIn to their homepage.


After evaluating those 10,000 sites, about 53.6% display "some social links or buttons" on their front pages, a slight increase from 52.8 percent in late July. Breaking it down further:

50.3 percent have adopted a Facebook Like/Recommend button.
42.5 percent have adopted a Twitter Tweet button.
8.1 percent have added a Google +1 button.
4 percent have added a LinkedIn Share button.

Stats of daily twitter users:

72 percent publish blog posts at least once a month
70 percent comment on other's blog posts
61 percent write at least one product review a month
61 percent comment on news sites
56 percent write articles for third-party sites
53 percent post videos online
50 percent make contributions to wiki sites
48 percent share deals found through coupon forums

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