Configuring Name Servers in named linux

by rajesh 2012-05-10 15:28:23

1) After installing named using yum as in

2) Do the following steps to set name
- Create /etc/named.conf as in example

3) Change the values of respective nameservers ns1.sitename and sitename

4) Create a zone file for nameser ns1.sitename.db in /var/named/ and add entries as in the example

replace sitename with you sitename and with ip and emailis.domainname with proper values.

5) Now you can create a zone file for main sitename as sitename.db in /var/named as in above step and change the respective values

6) Now create the required files or copy the files from a different server
named.rfc1912.zones : example : example : example
named.broadcast : example : example
named.ip6.local : example
named.local : example : example

7) Now we have set rndckey. Create rndc.conf and rndc.key files as in the link

Set proper permissions for, zone files of sites.

chown root:named /var/named/
chown named:named /var/named/<sitename>.db

9) Now restart named as
/etc/init.d/named restart

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