How to Hack A Facebook Account?

by Vickram H 2012-05-28 14:35:07

Facebook is one of the most popular social networking sites, this is the main reason many hackers are after it, people are always looking to hack their friend’s account, spy on someone, and blah blah blah. These people even pay hackers to get the accounts for them, so you should be always careful whenever you access your profile from a public computer or anywhere. There are many ways to hack a facebook account. We’re listing 3 easiest ways to hack a facebook account to make you aware of the thing that how hackers can easily gain access to your profile by hacking your account.

1.) Facebook Phishing Page

The Ongoing spams on facebook are all fake pages that are made for grabbing your password. Phishing is the trick in which the hacker creates a fake login page of the original website. then the login id and password are entered on the webpage, they are recorded on the server of the hacker after that the browser automatically gets redirected to the original facebook homepage, without making the victim aware about this thing.
Be careful whenever you visit facebook because the link structure of the fake facebook page is very similar to the original facebook address. The design is fully similar to the original facebook homepage, and your password would be recorded as soon as you hit the enter button or click login.

2.) Keylogging Software

Keylogger software is the easiest way to hack someone’s password, all you’ve to do is buy a good keylogger software and install it in the Victims Computer. The keylogger will record each and every keystroke of the victim’s computer.

3.) Primary Email Address Hack

If you would be able to hack the primary email address that is associated with the facebook account then it’s very easy to get the password by using the forgot password option. Protection of both facebook account and email is very necessary.

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