how to format virus infected pendrive

by PRanesh 2012-06-05 15:25:05

how to format virus infected pendrive

This simple format trick allows you to to format a virus infected pen drive using command prompt in windows. There may be certain occasions where you cant format you pendrive by right clicking and select format. Because simply the virus script inside the pendrive do not allow such things. If you try to delete the virus file .exe like autorun.exe itself, it may return immediately because the virus program is a tricky one.

However most of the time, a pen drive format using cmd will delete the virus file permanently by means. So here's the steps to format a pendrive using command prompt window.

First, insert your thum drive into the usb port

Open my computer and find out the drive specification letter for your usb drive. For example, in my case it's H:

Open command prompt ( start>>Run = "cmd" without quotes )

Type format<space>"your drive letter" and press Enter twice | in my case,

C:\Documents and Settings\Tomin>format h:

Now the command prompt setup will verify the file system and ask you to enter a name for your drive - Volume label

After giving a volume label, press Enter

You're now done. Happy format

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