Steps to Hack into a Windows XP Computer without changing password

by PRanesh 2012-06-05 18:22:14

1. Get physical access to the machine. Remember that it must have a CD or DVD drive.
2. Download DreamPackPL HERE.
3. Unzip the downloaded and youâll get dpl.ISO.
4. Use any burning program that can burn ISO images.
5. After you have the disk, boot from the CD or DVD drive. You will see Windows 2000 Setup and it will load some files.
6. Press âRâ to install DreamPackPL.
7. Press âCâ to install DreamPackPL by using the recovery console.
8. Select the Windows installation that is currently on the computer (Normally is â1â³ if you only have one Windows installed)
9. Backup your original sfcfiles.dll by typing:
âren C:\Windows\System32\sfcfiles.dll sfcfiles.lldâ (without quotes)
10. Copy the hacked file from CD to system32 folder. Type:
âcopy D:\i386\pinball.ex_ C:\Windows\System32\sfcfiles.dllâ (without quotes and assuming your CD drive is DSmile
11. Type âexitâ, take out disk and reboot.
12. In the password field, type âdreamonâ (without quotes) and DreamPack menu will appear.
13. Click the top graphic on the DreamPack menu and you will get a menu popup.

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14. Go to commands and enable the options and enable the god command.

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15. Type âgodâ in the password field to get in Windows.

You can also go to Passwords and select âLogon with wrong password and hashâ. This option allows you to login with ANY password.

Note: I was unable to bring up the DreamPackPL for the first time because I have Kaspersky Anti-Virus already running in background. I believe most antivirus already labelled this tool as a Hack-Tool. A Hack-Tool is NOT a virus. DreamPackPL helps you bypass the Windows Login screen and it is not destructive.

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