Checking all your Gmail Accounts and Facebook Accounts at a Time

by Manoj 2012-06-07 12:44:33

Everyone have more than 5 gmail account and facebook accounts also. But you browser will not support more than one mail account or facebook account, then how you checking all your mail account and facebook account at a time. To know the answer, you must read full article.

All are know this is impossible. Is there any chance to checking all accounts at a time? So many ways to checking multiple Gmail accounts, but there is no chance to facebook accounts. Answer is not using multiple browsers and changing account settings.

Recently released a site is This site is used to check all your gmail and facebook accounts at a time. This is very useful for who have more than one gmail or facebook accounts. First you have to add all the Gmail and facebook accounts and password and then you will know all the updates of all your mail and facebook accounts.

Site owners said that this site supports Gmail, facebook and twitter accounts only so far. In future youtube and linkedin accounts will be added also.

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