Hide Hard Drive using CMD

by PRanesh 2012-06-07 12:55:04

here are many softwares that can Hide/Lock your hard disk but the problem is, they are not free, you have to purchase a licence to use them, and all people can’t afford this. so here, i am going to tell you a simple trick, with the help of this trick, you can easily hide any of your hard drive and without any additional software. we will done this process using CMD (Command Shell).

1. Go to Start Menu and select “Run” or Simple press win+r

2. type cmd and press ok button or press Enter key. a black window will display.

hide hard drive using cmd 1 hide Hard Drive using CMD

3. type diskpart and press enter key

4. now type list volume and press enter key

5. to hide “Drive D:” , you can see that volume number of D: is “2″ , type select volume 2

6. Now type remove letter d

Go to “My Computer” you can see that there is no “Drive D:”

to unhide the drive D:

do all process from step 1 to step 6

this time type assign letter d instead of remove letter d

after that Go to “My Computer again and your Drive D: will be there icon smile hide Hard Drive using CMD


the data in drive D : will not delete when you hide drive D:

if you want to hide another drive then follow these steps, but instead of “2″ you have to type the drive number, and instead of “d” you have to type the drive letter, for example if you want to hide “drive F:” then “select volume 4″ for volume select and remove letter f to hide the drive.

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