Send a password Protected E-mail

by PRanesh 2012-06-07 14:26:09

we daily send email or emails to our friends, family class mates, teachers, etc. and we use mail services, like Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail etc. these all services are secure, but on another hand if we dont have any email account and/or we want to sendan mail or especially a password protected, then what to do? so here is a solution.

clcik on “Send Message“
then you have to fillout a form, do it.

send a password protected email 2 send a password Protected E mail

ou can also upload file.

Enter the Captch verification and accept the terms and conditions and then click on Submit button

The receiver will receive email with a link to lockbin, the receiver have to click on that link, then he/she have to enter password to open that email.

Pls enter key:

after entering it you can view it

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