Rajasthan Installs GPS Trackers In Buses

by Manoj 2012-06-08 15:00:11

Rajasthan Installs GPS Trackers In Buses
Rajasthan has become the first state in India where state-owned buses have now been fitted with Global Positioning System (GPS) devices. Around 1000 buses now have the system installed in them, allowing law enforcement authorities to keep track of long-distance buses, and also check rash driving and diesel pilferage. These buses are connected to the public information system (PIS), which will monitor them and also make information about the whereabouts of such buses available to the passengers.

Rajasthan State Roadways and Transport Corporation (RSRTC) spokesperson Sudhir Bhati said, As in the railways, passengers waiting at the central bus stand in Jaipur can now listen to regular announcements of the exact time of arrival of the buses. These buses will also have a diesel censor so that in case somebody tries to steal fuel, it will be noticed by the PIS control room. He said that authorities observed how many RSRTC drivers had been stealing fuel and leaving buses halfway, and this technology will help keep them on check. LCD screens at various bus stands will display the positions of the buses, along with their arrival and departure timings in Hindi and English. RSRTC eventually plans to move on to the next phase of installing GPS in 4500 buses. This initiative will surely improve the quality of bus transport and we hope that other states will follow suit.

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