[How To] Block Emails of A Person In Gmail

by Manoj 2012-06-08 17:04:01

You can block a person in gmail chat but dont know how block emails. Sometimes it is much needed feature, if someone is sending abusive or threatening emails. Some days ago unknown person sending me email after that searching on Google I found this trick.
Actually blocking someone is easy and most of us know that this kind of feature exists but they forget to use when it is needed. If you want to block and stop receiving emails from an email id permanently, create an inbox filter for it.

For this just follow simple steps:

First login to your Gmail account.
Now go to settings.
In third step find Filters tab and click on it.
Here click on Create a new filter
In the new popup windows, enter the email of that person From field whose emails you want to block.
Now click on Create filter with this search
Now you will see a new window with some checkbox options.
Select Delete it and Skip the Inbox (Archive it) then Click on Create Filter.

Now you have blocked all the emails from that email id. You will never see any emails from that email id. But you can still send emails to that email id I think this one is interesting. But but but in future if you want to receive emails from that email id, follow the same step and go to filter tab in email setting and just remove the filter.

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