Repair Your Windows Xp Online With Reimage

by Manoj 2012-07-07 14:53:08

Easily Scan, Fix & Repair Your Windows Xp Online
Windows XP users will notice their system getting slower as time passes.We install lot of softwares and store lot of files which consumes more system resource and makes our computer slower.

What Does Reimage Do?
Reimage is a web-based service runs via ActiveX that repairs damaged Windows XP systems. Reimage repairs Windows XP PCs remotely over internet.

Reimage performs its works by applying a set of predefined actions according to the problem in the XP systems. By referencing with over 4 million registry and components repository, Reimage looking for components or objects that are missing, new objects or changed by viruses, malware or other malicious software. Then, Reimage will replace the missing objects with the repository databases and restore the services or components to its original state. Unlike built-in Windows XP system restore, Reimage doesn’t affect user data or applications on the operating system.

Features Of Reimage
1.Optimize your Windows XP machine
Reimage will provide diagnosis and solve problems like processor usage, memory usage, hard disk usage.
2.Repairs all kind of problems on your Windows XP PC
This is including registry fixes, driver fixes, check for security issues, and disable all kind of malicious programs on your PC.
3.No installation required
Because Reimage used web-based ActiveX, you can run it anywhere as long as Internet Explorer is installed.

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