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by Sanju 2012-07-14 16:59:19

Web Browser

What is a Browser?

Browsers are commonly confused with search engines, which are just web pages that you view using your web browser software. That’s obviously not a surprise to some of you, but like it says in the Google video below, it is a secret to almost 90% of people.

Modern browsers have tabs, which promote easier multitasking. There are a few ways to perform the tasks listed below, but here are a few of the best (and least used) tricks for managing tabs in the top three browsers mentioned above.

Managing Tabs

1. Open new tab: double click on empty area of tab bar
2. Close tab: middle click anywhere on the tab (does not work in Safari)
3. Open link in new tab instead of replacing current page: middle click on link (instead of left click)

Because we spend a lot of time reading text in our browser, there are a couple of features built in to make reading easier. Try these keyboard shortcuts right now.


1. Scroll browser down exactly one page: spacebar
2. Scroll browser up exactly one page: shift + spacebar
3. Full Screen Toggle: F11
4. Zoom In (make text larger): ctrl + scroll mouse wheel up
5. Zoom Out: ctrl + scroll mouse wheel down

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