How to Register for DND under TRAI norms

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How to Register for DND under TRAI norms
September 27, 2011 by Ratan Singh · 7 Comments

From 27 September, 850 million Indian phone subscribers finally get some relief from unwanted commercial calls and messages from the telemarketers. The Indian telecom Industry is the second largest wireless market in the world. Low tariffs and direct reach to consumers has made SMS and direct calling one of the most cost effective ways of selling services and products. However, telemarketing has brought with it serious issues of invasion of privacy and has become a major irritant to customers. This time Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has made the DND guidelines more effective and powerful and revamped registration norms for the telemarketers.

Here is the way how to register for DND under new guidelines from TRAI:

Dial or send an SMS to 1909 (toll free) to register with NCPR or register at , Choose categories of commercial messages/ calls to be blocked.

The customer can register in either of the two categories:

Fully Blocked Category- stoppage of all commercial Calls/SMS Partially Blocked Category- stoppage of all commercial Calls/SMS except SMS from one of the opted preferences.

For registering option using SMS, for ‘fully blocked category’, write “START 0″ and send it to 1909. For ‘partially blocked category’, send SMS ‘START’ with one or multiple options from the list of seven categories.

There are at present 7 preferences to choose from- Banking/Insurance/Financial Products/Credit Cards-1, Real Estate-2, Education-3, Health-4, Consumer goods and automobiles-5, Communication/Broadcasting/Entertainment/IT, Tourism-7.

For example: To receive messages relating to only Health products, then send SMS “START 4″ to 1909. Similarly, for receiving messages relating to Real Estate and Education, send SMS “START 2,3″ to 1909.

Keep your Unique Registration Number safe for future use.

On successful registration, customer will receive an SMS confirming exercised options and a Unique Registration Number within 24 hrs. The registration will be effective within 7 days of placing the request with the service provider.

Customer can also change the preferences after 7 days of registration or the last change of preference.

- Those already registered with National Do Not Call Registry (NDNC), need not re-register.

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