List of Math Functions in php

by satheeshkumar 2012-07-23 16:00:35

List of Math Functions in php,

abs() - Absolute value of a number
acos() - Arc cosine
acosh() - Inverse hyperbolic cosine
asin() - Arc sine
asinh() - Inverse hyperbolic sine
atan2() - Arc tangent of two values
atan() - Arc tangent of a value
atanh() - Hyperbolic tangent
bindec() - Convert a binary number to a decimal representation
ceil() - Round a number up
cos() - Cosine
cosh() - Hyperbolic cosine
decbin() - Convert a decimal number to a binary representation
dechex() - Convert a decimal number to a hexidecimal representation
decoct() - Convert a decimal number to an octal representation
deg2rad() - Convert an angle in degrees to a radian representation
exp() - Calculates the exponent of e
floor() - Round a number down
fmod() - Finds the modulo(decimal remainder) in the division of values
getrandmax() - Get the maximum random value
hexdec() - Convert a hexidecimal number to decimal
hypot() - Calculate the length of the hypotenuse of a right-angle triangle
is_finite() - Returns true if the value given is finite
is_infinite() - Returns true if the value given is infinite
is_nan() - Returns true if the value given is not a number
lcg_value() - Combined linear congruential generator
log10() - Base 10 logarithm
log() - Logarithm
max() - Return highest value
min() - Return lowest value
mt_getrandmax() - Largest possible value of a random number
mt_rand() - Returns a randomly generated integer
mt_srand() - Seeded random number generator
octdec() - Convert octal number to a decimal number
pi() - Value of PI
pow() - Exponent
rad2deg() - Converts a radian to an angle measurable in degrees
rand() - See mt_rand()
round() - Rounds a decimal to a whole number (integer)
sin() - Sine
sinh() - Hyperbolic sine
sqrt() - Computes the square root of a given number
srand() - See mt_srand()
tan() - Computes the tangent of a given number
tanh() - Computes the hyperbolic tangent of a given number

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