Updating SQL Server Data with XML

by Dinesh 2012-07-23 16:54:57

Updating SQL Server Data with XML

SQL Server 2000 data can be updated by XML documents using OPENXML, XML Updategrams, and XML Bulk Load.

XML Bulk Load is designed to batch-load XML document data into SQL server tables. Behind the scenes, it used the BULK INSERT command to update tables from parsed XML document data. Bulk Load uses MSXML to process streams of XML, which enables it to handle large amounts of XML data relatively quickly and efficiently. While Bulk Load is for large-scale data insertions, XML Updategrams are more suited for small-scale XML data inserts, deletions, or updates. They can be used at runtime, and handle loading of smaller XML documents into tables via very simple SQL Server templates. OPENXML is a flexible option for manipulating XML document data using T-SQL commands.

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