Parameters for SQL Server URLs

by Dinesh 2012-07-23 17:27:38

Parameters for SQL Server URLs

&contenttype= : The Multipurpose Internet Mail Extension (MIME) content-type of the returned document. Example values are “text/XML,” “text/html,” “text/plain,” and “image/jpeg.” The default value is “text/XML.” A full listing of registered MIME types can be found at the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority, at

&outputencoding= : The encoding character set to use for the resulting output. The default is UTF-8.

&root= : If multiple rows of data are returned in an XML document, they result in multiple root elements in the document, which is not well-formed XML. The root parameter specifies a root element that is used to contain multiple rows of XML results in a wellformed XML document format.

&xsl= : The XSL stylesheet file specified in the xsl parameter value is used to transform results before they are displayed in the browser.

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