Top 10 Funny Domain Names

by Dinesh 2012-07-25 11:28:31

Top 10 Funny Domain Names:
Despite what their website name might seem to think of their services, Regency Technologies claim that they have the expertise to provide “smart recovery and disposal of retired IT assets” and an IT Scrap service, wherein they “recycle the right way!”
Oh, yes. This is a genuine website. OH is an acronym for Osnes Hyttepark whereas the “.no” is Norway’s local domain/ccTLD. And guess what? There’s a too.
Author, Benjamin Dover provides his “Un-common sense strategies for real life” regarding consumer rights and finance on his online page (via Slurls). So if you ever have problems of said nature, you could consult a lawyer or…Ben Dover.
Master Bait & Tackle is a fishing equipment shop in Bonita Beach, Florida. They sell T-shirts too. And guess what’s written on all of them?
Mp3s Hits is an online database of mp3 music downloads linked from third-party sites in bad need of an apostrophe in its domain name, “and the place to find out what happens if you eat MP3s”
Who Represents is an online reference guide to and for showbiz agents. One would require the mind of a 5-year-ol saint to avoid misreading this domain name. Some words tend to stand out more than others.
Morrison and Foerster is a law firm that seems to have no reservations in extensive usage of the acronym that makes their website’s domain name. In fact, they seem to love saying “This is Mofo”. It’s on their website’s home and about page. Madness?! “This is Mofo”!
Therapist in a box is a therapy website offering, as claimed by the author, the first true “shrink your own head” therapy system.
You know, this is why they should allow the space character in domain names. Some words just aren’t meant to be placed so close together. Obviously, or rather, hopefully, the guys at Mole Station Native Plant Nursery looked this over while buying a domain name for their website.
Another website name that could really use an apostrophe. Dick’s Lumber is “Much More Than Just a Lumberyard, It’s Where the Builders Buy!”

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