The 3rd Google doodle of its kind - London 2012 diving

by Sanju 2012-07-29 19:56:53

The 3rd Google doodle of its kind - London 2012 diving


London 2012 diving Google doodle is the third time the sport has found itself in focus as far as Olympics related doodles are concerned.

The first archery related Google doodle was on September 20, 2000, day 6 of the Sydney Olympic games. The doodle depicted a kangaroo diving head-first into the water, with just part of the kangaroo's legs visible.

At the 2000 Summer Olympics in Sydney, eight diving events were contested for the first time due to the inclusion of synchronised variants for each of the traditional events. The competition took place at the Sydney International Aquatic Centre, from 22 to 30 September, comprising a total of 157 divers from 42 nations.

The day 4 of Beijing Olympics, 11th August 2008, saw diving stake claim to another Google doodle. This doodle had a ping doing a back-flip into the pool.

Diving competitions at the Beijing 2008 Summer Olympics were held from August 10 to August 23, at the Beijing National Aquatics Centre.

It will be interesting to see what sport finds its place in Monday's Google doodle.

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