Free Well Designed & Useful Mac Store Apps

by Vickram H 2012-07-31 09:56:43

Free Well Designed & Useful Mac Store Apps:

Every so often, I open the Mac App Store in my Dock to see which new free apps I can try, and I’m rarely disappointed. Since you can’t download trial versions of apps in the Store, developers often provide free versions of their apps alongside the Pro versions that offer a few more enhanced features.

The apps I selected for this article have only thing in common – their style and design. Each app has a different practical use – from a simple notes tool to a slick visual desktop weather app. But they each complement the fun stylish features typical of Apple-related programs. Since they are all free, give them a try and tell us what you think. The developers always welcome your feedback.


There are plenty of note apps in the Mac App Store, and I’ve tried more than a few, but most of them just didn’t feel right or made the process of adding notes a little too complicated. So now I’m trying a new one called NotesTab, which is getting awesome reviews in the Store, by the way.


With this free version of NotesTab, you can simply use a keyboard shortcut to activate it from your menu bar to add a new note. All the notes get time-stamped, and you get Preferences options for keeping the app’s window visible in the background and above other apps.


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