cpanel server reset or changes times by itself periodically

by rajesh 2012-07-31 10:34:49

This was a very peculiar issue we where facing. The server would reset the time even though we have set the correct time and the time zone.

The time zone will not be change but the time will be magically altered and reverted back in the cpanel linux server.

After analysis we found that the linux system has two main clocks.

The Hardware Clock: This is a clock that runs independently of any control program running in the CPU and even when the machine is powered off.

The System Time: This is the time kept by a clock inside the Linux kernel and driven by a timer interrupt. It has meaning only while Linux is running on the machine.

The time we where setting was doing the changes in system clock and not on the hardware clock. So as to resolve the issue, we have changed the hardware clock time

Find hardware clock time:
# hwclock --show

To set system time for hardware clock:
# hwclock --systohc

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