XML Parser Functions in PHP

by Dinesh 2012-08-28 09:47:50

PHP XML Parser Functions:

utf8_decode() Decodes an UTF-8 string to ISO-8859-1
utf8_encode() Encodes an ISO-8859-1 string to UTF-8
xml_error_string() Gets an error string from the XML parser
xml_get_current_byte_index() Gets the current byte index from the XML parser
xml_get_current_column_number() Gets the current column number from the XML parser
xml_get_current_line_number() Gets the current line number from the XML parser
xml_get_error_code() Gets an error code from the XML parser
xml_parse() Parses an XML document
xml_parse_into_struct() Parse XML data into an array
xml_parser_create_ns() Create an XML parser with namespace support
xml_parser_create() Create an XML parser
xml_parser_free() Free an XML parser
xml_parser_get_option() Get options from an XML parser
xml_parser_set_option() Set options in an XML parser
xml_set_character_data_handler() Set handler function for character data
xml_set_default_handler() Set default handler function
xml_set_element_handler() Set handler function for start and end element of elements
xml_set_end_namespace_decl_handler() Set handler function for the end of namespace declarations
xml_set_external_entity_ref_handler() Set handler function for external entities
xml_set_notation_decl_handler() Set handler function for notation declarations
xml_set_object() Use XML Parser within an object
xml_set_processing_instruction_handler() Set handler function for processing instruction
xml_set_start_namespace_decl_handler() Set handler function for the start of namespace declarations
xml_set_unparsed_entity_decl_handler() Set handler function for unparsed entity declarations

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