FDDI Network - Properties

by Dinesh 2012-08-29 06:51:37

FDDI Network - Properties

An FDDI network is a 100 Mbps shared token passing ring technology with a self-healing capability. An FDDI network is shared because multiple computers connect to a given network and take turns sending packets. FDDI is known as a ring because the network forms a cycle that starts at one computer, passes through all others computers, and ends back at the source.

FDDI is a token passing ring (or simply a token ring) technology because it uses token passing to control transmission. When the network is idle, a special, reserved frame called a token circulates around the ring from station to station. When a station has a packet to send, it waits for the token to arrive, sends its packet, and then passes the token to the next station. The circulating token guarantees fairness: it ensures that all stations have an opportunity to send a packet before
any station sends a second packet.

Perhaps the most interesting property of an FDDI lies in its ability to detect and correct problems. The network is called self-healing because the hardware can automatically
accommodate a failure.

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