New Features In Internet Explorer 9

by Dinesh 2012-08-30 11:56:20

New Features In Internet Explorer 9

1. Hardware-accelerated graphics mean better visuals : Explorer uses your computer's processing power for better graphics and HD video in your web browser.

2. New tabs page for your favorite sites : Explorer's new tabs page looks a lot like the launch screen in Chrome. It contains tiles of your most visited and favorite websites for easy access.

3. New, unobtrusive notifications bar : Explorer's new notifications bar pops up at the bottom of your window in order to reduce interrupting your browsing experience.

4. The "One Box" displays websites, search results, and more : You can type anything from search terms to URLs in Explorer's "One Box" at the top of the window. Bing search results and recently viewed pages show up in real time as you type. It's very similar to the way Chrome's URL bar works.

5. Pin your favorite sites to the taskbar : With Explorer 9 you can add books to your taskbar by pinning them just as you would an application. To pin a page, all you have to do is drag the tab to your taskbar.

6. Keep your tabs organized : Explorer's "Enhanced Tabs" let you to color code and rearrange tabs. It's a nice feature for those who keep several tabs open at once.

7. Explorer now integrates with Windows 7 : Explorer integrates with Windows 7 in several different ways. Bookmarks pinned to the taskbar update in the background and provide real time information like unread emails and thumbnail previews of the site. The "Snap" feature allows you to view two web pages side by side, filling up the entire screen.

8. Better crash recovery : This is another feature found in Chrome. Explorer isolates each open tab individually, so if one crashes, the others won't be affected.

9. Domain highlighting helps you avoid link baiting : Explorer now has domain highlighting, which tells you the site the link belongs to before you click.

10. Manage add-ons for faster browsing : Add-ons are great tools for your web browser, but too many can slow everything down. Explorer has an add-on performance advisor that will suggest which add-ons to switch off or delete in order to maximize your performance.


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