World's Smallest Car - PEEL P50

by Preetha 2012-09-03 09:56:52

The world of technology always astonishes us and lives up to our expectations. As the world is moving forward, we see latest technologies and advancements being made by companies today but there are few people out there who will always take something from the past and bring it up again with a whole new twist and presentation. Do you remember those small little tiny cars, not with the ones you used to play but those which were seen on the roads. These one seated cars are definitely not every man's dream nor someone would want to go out on a party in such cars, but one has to admit that these cars have a certain charm to them and it can't be denied.


Some businessmen from UK have decided to get the mini cars which are the world's most smallest cars back into action. The resurrected company PEEL will be producing these small cars once again and you would have a chance to finally show off in-front of your friends!!

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