How to make anonymous calls from your phone?

by Vickram H 2012-09-03 10:21:55

How to make anonymous calls from your phone?

Dial *67: This method allows you to make you block id for any type of phone. It is not depend on mobile platform. You can block your caller ID by simply adding ‘*67′ prefix before the number. You must dial country country (’1′ for US) following to *67. The call format will be like this.


iPhone: iOS coming with inbuilt feature to mask your number when you make any outgoing calls. You can tun on this feature by following these steps.

Launch “Settings”

Tap on “Phone”

Tap on “Show My Caller ID”

Slide to “OFF”

Android: Please refer Android setting here to set your number unknown for outgoing calls.

Select Settings

Select Call Settings

Tap on Additional Call Settings

Caller ID.

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