How RSS Feed File Produced?

by Vickram H 2012-09-04 13:09:41

How RSS Feed File Produced?

The special XML-format file that makes up an RSS feed is usually created in one of a variety of ways.

Most large news websites and most weblogs are maintained using special "content management" programs. Authors add their stories and postings to the website by interacting with those programs and then use the program's "publish" facility to create the HTML files that make up the website.

Websites that are produced in a more custom manner, such as with Macromedia Dreamweaver or a simple text editor, usually do not automatically create RSS feeds.

Tying it all together:

Here is a diagram showing how the websites, the RSS feed XML files, and your personal computer are connected:


The diagram shows a web browser being used to read first Web Site 1 over the Internet and then Web Site 2. It also shows the RSS feed XML files for both websites being monitored simultaneously by an RSS Feed Aggregator.

Other uses:

<li> Notification of the arrival of new products in a store</li>
<li> Listing and notifying you of newsletter issues, including email newsletters</li>
<li> Weather and other alerts of changing conditions</li>
<li> Notification of additions of new items to a database, or new members to a group</li>

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