How to Make Gallery Submission for Designers?

by Vickram H 2012-09-06 17:17:31

How to Make Gallery Submissions easy for designers:


1. Firefox Sorry IE users!
2. InFormEnter AddOn for firefox
3. Details about your logo/website (will explain this below)
4. Image of your logo in various dimensions (will explain this as well)

Step 1: Bookmarking the gallery forms

The first step is to bookmark all the submission forms of famous galleries. I know itâs not that easy, but trust me it will make things easy. Open a blank firefox window and then open all the logo gallery submission forms mentioned here in separate tabs. Once youâve opened all, go to

<font size=3>Bookmarks Menu > Bookmark All Tabs (or Shift + Cmd/Ctrl + D)


This would open a pop-up, wherein you can add a name for the bookmark folder. Choose âBookmarks Toolbarâ from the dropdown and click the âAdd Bookmarks buttonâ.


Awesome! Youâve created a âBookmark folderâ for your logo submission which you can now access from your Bookmarks toolbar.


Whenever you come across a new submission form you can add them to this folder.

Step 2: Prepare a list of all possible form fields

The next task is to make a list of all possible submission form fields. Iâve created one for logo design submission. If youâre the creator of the logo, the first 8 items remain same for all your logo submissions. Weâll see how to make use of this list in the next step.

1. First Name
2. Last Name
3. Full Name
4. Email Id
5. Twitter Id
6. Designer Website Title
7. Designer Website URL
8. Designer Bio

9. Title/Name of the logo
10. Logo Punchline/tagline
11. Logo URL (if your logo is already online)
12. Description of logo


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