What Happens When Sixth Sense technology meets an iPad?

by Preetha 2012-09-07 09:32:59


At a TED conference in 2009, MIT researcher Pranav Mistry demonstrated Sixth Sense, a wearable projector that lets us use simple hand gestures to interact with information. For instance, you can hold a book in your hands, the device will pick reviews of that book from the Internet and will project them on to the book cover itself.

Sixth Sense is fascinating technology, the total cost of the hardware is under $350 and all the software will be open source. During a Q&A with TED curator Chris Anderson, Pranav hinted that the software could be released in December 2009 but the wait continues.

Now imagine for a moment if we could integrate some parts of the Sixth Sense technology -like the hologram floating in mid-air or those multi-touch gesturees – into the next iPad or mobile phone?

Zach King,- a film student from LA, has created this neat video where the iPad screen is projected in the form of a hologram and users can interact with the various apps using natural hand gestures. Futuristic but not impossible.

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