How to make your Own Hardware Profile?

by Vickram H 2012-09-07 22:23:16

How to make your Own Hardware Profile?

A hardware profile is a set of instructions that tells Windows which devices to start when you start your computer or which settings to use for each device.

Hardware profiles are especially useful if you have a portable computer.

Most portable computers are used in a variety of locations, and hardware profiles will let you change which devices your computer uses when you move it from location to location.

For example, you may have one profile named Docking Station Configuration for using your portable computer at a docking station with hardware components such as a CD-ROM drive and a network adapter And you may have a second profile named Undocked Configuration for using your portable computer in a hotel or on an airplane, when you are not using a network adapter or a CD-ROM but you are using a modem and a portable printer. It is good idea to make your own hard ware profile in windows.

To make your own hardware profile please do few key strokes as described below and you are done.

Press window key+ pause break –> hardware –> hardware profile –> (select the existing one) –> copy–>ok ( select other option as per need –> ok –> ok

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